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July 11, 2014 / thevazfamily

GF Birthday Cake

GF birthday cake

A quick post today – I had to make decorate this cake this morning at 7am with a hangover (thanks to Carla at Paper & Party Love and some tequila….)

Anyway – my son wanted one of those kit-kat cakes that are all over the internet at the moment but gluten free kit-kats are not easy to get in Switzerland (and would cost a fortune!) so I used Lindt chocolate insead and think it looks cute.

The cake inside is the chocolate one I have used before and the sweets are jelly beans but you could use any sweets you want (or fresh berries!)

You cover the whole cake with butter icing and use this to “glue” the chocolate to the sides of the cake – making sure you leave a bit of space for the sweets – I also put some butter icing on the top of the cake to stop all the sweets falling off when you cut it.

The biggest problem I then had was to stop the kids stealing all the sweets before I got it to school……….

Stop stealing the sweets

Have a great weekend xxx


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