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April 25, 2014 / thevazfamily

I am SURE I left the oven on & other things that happen when I go on holiday……

OK – I am just checking if I am mad or other people do this too…..

I can guarantee that everytime I go on holiday this happens – anyone know why????


1 – If I have to be somewhere (eg the airport) in the morning I will set the alarm – not just one alarm but every ipad, iphone etc in the house…. before I go to bed.   I will then wake up on the hour every hour thinking I have slept through the alarm even though I NEVER sleep through and alarm….. needless to say I wake up feeling well rested….

2  I will find the passports and leave them on the luggage so that I can check that I have them before I leave the house  (note – do not do what I did last time and just pick up 4 passports because there are 4 of you – I mistakenly took an old passport of mine instead of my sons and we only found out when we were over 500km away and trying to get into another country….)    I will pack those in my bag when we leave – but I will have a panic on the way to the airport that I have forgotten them – every time!??!

3  Even though I haven’t cooked anything I will convince myself that I left the oven or hob on!! This will cause panic – and me calling a friend to go round and check or if that is not possible a sleepless night where I worry that the house is going to burn down and waiting on someone calling me to tell me thats whats happening!!

So – am I mad?? Do you have this sort of this happen to you too??    First world problems I know!




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