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April 5, 2014 / thevazfamily

Easter Pinata

I have been invited to a couple of easter parties so decided to make some Easter pinatas to take –




The main reasons for this are –


1  I had forgotten to recycle the newspapers (again!!) and this uses some of them…

2  I need to get some of the sweets out of the house before the supplies are full again from the easter egg hunt…

3  I banned the kids from the ipad so had to find something for them to do…..



To make these the supplies you will need are :-

A few old newspapers torn into strips

A cup of flour

2 cups of water

A spoonful of salt

A paint brush and bowl

A balloon

Some string

Paint (optional – you will need this if your decorative paper is pale)

Paper glue

Any tissue paper / crepe paper / cup cake cases you want to get rid off

Whatever you are going to fill them with – sweets, toys, confetti (only if you don’t plan to open them at your house 🙂 )


To start – blow up your balloon.  Then mix the flour, salt and water in the bowl – this will be used as a glue to stick the strips of newspaper to the balloon.    Glue the newspaper to the balloon and keep doing this until you have 4 or 5 layers – or more if you think the kids will smash it quickly 🙂


When this is done leave to dry (overnight or for a few hours if its hot).

When its dry pop the balloon – this will leave you a hole at the top – you use this hole to feed in the prizes you have selected – before you fill you should pierce 2 holes either side about 2/3rds of the way up – feed the string through and tie to allow you to hang the finished pinata.    Add all your goodies and then use more paper & “glue” to cover over the hole.  Allow to dry




When this is dry you can paint the “egg” and leave to dry before decorating – or if you have dark paper you can miss out the painting step.    Tear up the paper you have and decorate the way you want – we also used cup cake liners as both children wanted dots on their eggs for some reason?

Once dry you can hang the egg and hopefully have a “smashing” easter!!

Have fun!



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